English Phonetics Frequency(LEMONADE) Privacy Policy[1]


Keeping your personal information safe is one of our top priorities. LEMONADE will use your personal information only for the purpose and within the scope to which you consent with the goal of providing LEMONADE services (each a “Service” and, collectively, the “Services”) in a seamless manner. You may rest assured that LEMONADE will never disclose your personal information to a third party unless otherwise required by the relevant laws and regulations or consented by you. We have developed this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) applicable to all of the Services provided by LEMONADE so that you may easily understand the way in which we protect your personal information and other related details. The Privacy Policy is open to the public at all times so you may read the full text of the Privacy Policy whenever you need to do so. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be notified to you to ensure that you understand the details of and reasons for such changes.

Your personal information will be used by LEMONADE to provide better services.

LEMONADE will collect your personal information as necessary to provide the Services in a seamless manner and to improve your user experience. In order to provide the basic features and other specialized functionalities of the Services pursuant to the Terms of Service for which your consent is given, it may be necessary for LEMONADE to verify your identity information, age, account, contact information and device information. Your personal information may be used to search, register or notify other Service users who are in your contact list or who may be your LEMONADE friends. Furthermore, your personal information may also be used to give any individual notifications, deal with any inquiries or disputes arising in connection with your use of the Services, send content for paid services, or process shipping and payment. In addition, your personal information may be used to perform statistical analysis for new customized services, provide event and advertising information, comply with obligations required under applicable laws and regulations, and prevent any improper use of your personal information that may cause harm to you in violation of law or the Terms of Service.

LEMONADE will collect the following information:

LEMONADE will inform you of the personal information we collect to which you must consent in order to use the Service.

When you sign up for the Services or in the course of your use of the Services, LEMONADE will collect your telephone number, contact information saved on your smartphone or other device (telephone numbers and names of third parties), username (nickname), LEMONADE Account email address, For information about sending e-mail and password through the official website of LEMONADE, individual applications or programs. You may choose to provide us with your birthday, gender, user ID, photos (including meta-information), and location information. Device-specific information (such as your operating system, screen size and unique device identifiers), IP address, cookies, date of visit, record of illegitimate use, service use records, etc. can be created automatically and collected in the course of service use or business process.

LEMONADE will use your personal information only for the purposes set forth above and will not disclose to or share your personal information with any third party unless consented by you in the course of your use of the Services or otherwise r